Steed: Built to Ride

300-FM Clydesdale

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Forged from Steeds design history, the Clydesdale has been a mainstay in the Steed stable of bikes since the early days. The New behemoth styling of the Steed® Clydesdale™, 300-FM, Fat Monoglide, has as much fattitude as Horsepower. Besides the giant 13" wide fender wrapping tightly around the giant Avon 300mm rear tire, and beastly wide 1-1/4" beach bars, it features a standard 2 up mini-touring Danny Gray saddle. The NEW Steed 300 Quarterhorse also features Billet wheels, polished All-American Drivetrain, with a 124" S&S mill, linked to a Baker Right Side Drive 6-Speed. As with all Steed motorcycles, all this power is aligned on center, no offset, for a balanced ride with deep lean angles so you can dig into the twisties. Don't let its massive profile deceive you; this is a street-burning Steed with performance designed through to the core. BUILT TO RIDE™, the Steed Clydesdale is an All American STEED MUSCLEBIKE®.

Steed Motorcycle Company has once again raised the bar in the "Pedigreed" custom bike arena. With assistance of AVON Tyre Co, and nearly a year in R&D, the first 300-tire Steed Monoglide (a trademark sold to Harley-Davidson in 2006, now known as Monotail) hit the road January 7th, 2004. Steed Motorcycle Company is the first federally licensed builder in the US to offer the monster tire on a performance American motorcycle..

John Covington, Steeds founder and designer said, "We're pleased that AVON had the confidence to provide Steeds advance spec's on the 300 tire. We focused our frame concept, not just to have a bike with a fat tire, but also to build a great performing platform for our new bikes. This involved a total redesign of our proprietary chassis that we've been running since '97, and I'm very pleased with the results. Without a doubt, these bikes handle better than any cruiser bike on the road with any tire size."

Steed Musclebike High-End motorcycles feature 111-inch, and Maximum models are equipped with polished 124-inch S&S engines, Mikuni 45mm carburetors, optional All-American drive trains with Baker Right-Side-Drive 6-speed transmissions, Steeds' Monotail single-shock performance suspension, Ceriani 54mm inverted forks and Steed billet trees, digital "heads-up" LED instruments hidden in the billet mirrors, and all the features you've come to expect from the industry innovators at Steed Motorcycle Company. THE SOURCE FOR CUSTOMTM.

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