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Steed Bronco

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We build 'em any way you want. "Pedigreed Customs," that's our motto. The Steed Bronco is just what the name implies, equipped with no rear suspension. These rigid frame bikes aren't for the timid, and they aren't the bikes that you see out on the open highway, unless you've got a kidney belt.

The Steed Bronco is NOT a chopper. We don't build "Choppers" because when we build a bike, there's no chopping involved. Did they ever explain that on the Discovery Channel?

At Steeds, we start with a plan, and build you the bike of your dreams. If you want a long down tube stretch, we can do it. No worries. We'll also make sure that you understand all the trade-offs associated with raked and rigid bikes. If you have what it takes to ride one, we can build you an amazing Steed Bronco.

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