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Steed 200-TM Pegasus

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The 200 Pegasus isn't your dad's land yacht bike. The Pegasus 200-TM is the performance Touring Steed. PERFORMANCE, it's just a word to many gear heads. At Steeds we view motorcycles as the ultimate freedom machine. To us, performance means that you can get on your bike, ride it anywhere, and have the confidence that you're going to make it back home in style. That's touring!

The Steed Pegasus Monotail Musclebike motorcycle is purposely built for the long haul. The exclusive Monoglide 3-way adjustable suspension takes all the open road has to offer. The fat 200 Avon Super-Venom rear tire grips like no other, ready to plow through every element that Mother Nature can deal out. There’s a detachable short windshield for the inevitable bug guts, large hard covered saddlebags, by Rocky’s Custom, with plenty of room for all your gear. This Steed also features heads up digital gauges hidden in the mirrors, and a solo seat, or optional two up seat with a sissy bar for a little friendly companionship for you on the highway.

Don't forget the exclusive American made components including Steed's Monoglide chassis suspension, our exclusive 114 Steed Musclebike motor, and the Baker 6-speed tranny. You'll be cruising way past the speed limit in comfort all day long, with the added confidence that you're riding on a superior, truly American made performance touring machine.

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